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About Ndembo Jafari

Ndembo is TME Education Ambassador in Tanzania. This young electronics enthusiast has been conducting TME Education workshops in his country since 2017. His passion for technology, educational background and skills like constructing and programming electronic circuits enable him to conduct interesting training for various institutions. He likes travelling, comedies, listening to music and his ideas with others. .

Companies I've had worked


Electronics Circuits


Electronics Circuit Design, Simulation, Coding and Implimentation.

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Emmbededd System


HardWare And Software Programming.

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PCB Design & Printing


I design Printed Circuit Board for your Circuit and Print up to A4 size.

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I design and Impliment All IoT idea Based Projects

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Automatic Machines

Sanitary Pads Venging Machine

DC Fridge

DC Fridge for Hospitals

Home Automation System

IoT Based Home Automation System

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+255 714 889882